How to Attract the Best Cartoon Voice Talent

The Best Voice Talent JobsNot sure how to introduce yourself and your voice-over project to talent?

What details are required in your job posting?

Check out a few samples here on Casting Voices.

These job posting samples are fictional, but serve as a great example to people who want to hire voice talents.

These are also good examples as to the type of projects often posted at!

Cartoon Voice Talent

Cartoon voice over talents really have to be acrobatic with their voices to be able to showcase their versatility. A cartoon voice talents job is to create and energize characters. A good cartoon voice talent will be able to energize the characters voice whether they are stereotypical archetypes or newly minted character voices. Voice talents will be able to skillfully present the character in your designed storyboards and be able to keep your needs in mind while lending a voice to your cartoon character.


Simply Storage provides efficient self-storage solutions for anyone whose belongings have outgrown their living space! From ski equipment, to furniture, to your summer clothes, you can store it with us…Simply.

We are seeking a young, exciting, upbeat female voice with a ‘real person’ sound to voice a 30 second ( :30 ) radio commercial to be aired in the Peoria, IL market. The commercial will air locally for 13 weeks.

We look forward to receiving your demos!


Just Widgets Inc. is a widget distribution company based in Winnipeg, Canada. We ship widgets to manufacturers worldwide.

We are looking for a professional, mature male voice for our telephone system. The system has 20 prompts that will need to be recorded as separate files (MP3s). The total word count for the prompts is 618 and includes recordings for our IVR and various voicemail boxes. We would like to establish a relationship with a voice talent so that changes can easily be made in the future using the same voice.
Please submit a generic demo of your IVR work.

Thank you,


I am looking for a voice to record an audiobook. It is a fictional book with inspirational and spiritual themes. The target market is women ages 35 and up.

You can find the book listed on at this URL:

The ideal voice is female, with a mature voice (within the target market age range). I would be happy to hear demos from both British and North American accented voices.

The book is 150 pages in total, with a word count of 27,000. I have included a sample excerpt and would appreciate your custom demos. I will require the final copy on CD.

Thank you in advance,


Positive Voice Talent Experiences Are Common

Tami Joca of Onsite Property Manager agreed to answer a few questions about her experience at and how she and her company used the service to find, select and hire talent.

Recently Tami completed a project at and hired Janice Downes. Read more on Tami’s hiring experience.

How has helped you with your project needs?

Our Company needed a voice over done for our answering system. We tried several attempts at doing this ourselves but the sound was not up to par. While surfing the net the owner of the company found I set up a profile and posted the job and within minutes our company had several audition tapes to listen to.

How did you select the talent?

Our team sat down and listened to several of the audition submissions. But one voice stood out from the rest it was Janice (JP) Downes her voice had just the right tone and pitch we were looking for. We made the offer via to Janice and she accepted. Janice sent us the MP3 files from our scripts we paid her using SurePay (which is very safe and secure) and she sent the files to us for our system.

What challenges did you face using the system to find talent?

We were on a very tight deadline in finding the talent.

We were looking for:

• Professionalism
• Quick Turnaround
• English
• MP3 format

Using it made this project simple and easy. We were able to post a job, find the right talent, submit payment via SurePay which was safe and secure, and received our MP3’s all in a matter of two days!

We received so many responses and I would have loved to thank every individual that submitted an audition. Janice (JP) Downes was the professional voice we were looking for.

How would you describe your overall experience with the site?

We recommend to anyone that needs a voice talent. Janice was so professional and so wonderful to deal with that we decided when we had another voice project to hire her again.

Now with there is a feature that allows you to add a certain talent to your favorites and gives you the ability to post a job only to that person. I was able to post and send a job only to Janice and she responded the same day. This was perfect. has been an overall great experience for us and we will use them when we are searching for voice talent.

About the Client

Ideal Applications is a software development company producing industry specific web based applications for today’s technology needs. Recent projects include and

OnSite Property Manager

Rental property management software for landlords and property managers. Uses a Rent Roll format making it easier to learn and fun to use. Auto posts rents and late fees on the designated dates and times for each rental unit. Tracks tenant interactions and maintenance tasks to easily organize your rental properties.

Taking Apps

Taking Apps provides an inexpensive method for individuals and businesses to collect online responses and change their online Apps on the fly without the need for expensive web design or database modification. The software supports multiple users so that your staff can collectively review the responses and make online notes. Apps can even be branded with your company logo and directly linked from your corporate website

Better Than Average Talent, and Convenient

A freelance musician agreed to answer a few questions about his experience at and how he used the service to find, select and hire talent.
Recently Jeff completed a project at and hired September Day Leach. Read more on Jeff’s hiring experience.

How has helped you with your project needs?

I discovered and posted a job. I received more than 20 responses, all of which had auditions I could listen to instantly online.

I had been unable to hire good talent through other means, but provided an easy and fast way to select excellent professional talent. And my hired talent, September Day Leach, has been extremely professional, has a tier one performance, and had my satisfaction as her ultimate goal- and she achieved it with ease. I had received plenty responses and having so many to choose from helped because while some were very good, others were plainly not what I was looking for.

How did you select the talent?

I needed a young, attractive and beautiful voice for spoken statements in the music, and I found September at, the need was filled and still is!

Some had recorded some of my script for the audition. I listened to the auditions and selected September Day Leach, who had the perfect voice and performance. It’s easy because once the job is posted; all that is left is waiting for responses and reviewing them. No searching is necessary. The responses were very quick too, I had several in less than 24 hours.

What challenges did you face using the system to find talent?

The deadline was a month out, but I wanted to get the work done quickly and along with my hired talent made that possible. I had no trouble using the system, reviewing responses, making the deposit, or receiving the finished work through the SurePay System.

How would you describe your overall experience with the site?

I still work with my talent (September) on a regular basis, and I plan to continue working on future projects with her for the long term. If I was seeking a different voice, I would return to and I would recommend it to others.

Quick Turn Around and Great Cartoon Voice Talent

Kyle Neale of AdExpress agreed to answer a few questions about his experience at and how he used the service to find, select and hire talent.

Recently Kyle completed a couple of projects at and hired Joe Mc Millan. Read more on Kyle’s hiring experience.

How has helped you with your project needs?

First off, at AdExpress, we are a quick turn around ad agency. Kind of like a Kinko’s, you can walk in, look at our menu, order it, and we’ll have it back to you in 24 to 48 hours. Since we promise things in such a short time line, it is very important that we get voice talent responses back as soon as possible.

When a client wants a radio spot, we’ll ask them what they are looking for, and then I’ll go to and put in all the info, and just do an open casting call.

How did you select the talent?

Once I get the responses back, I’ll go through and listen to them, and pick out 4 to 5 that are top notch, and then I’ll send those to the client so they can pick which voice they want to be on their project. Once they pick the talent, I’ll contact them (the talent) directly and set everything up.

I’ve been using for about a year and a half now, and all the talents have been great to work with.

What challenges did you face using the system to find talent?

As stated before, we are always on a tight deadline, and that sometimes makes us pick one voice talent from another. Sometimes they (the voice talent) aren’t able to work with our schedule, but more often than not they are ready and willing to work with us.

For this project we needed a male, North American English voice, that had a wise and fatherly tone to it, and we also needed a female voice that was very happy and upbeat. We found many, and so off to the client they went, and we ended up with Joe Mc Millan, who was able to get things back to me in about an hour, and sent right over email and uploaded through the SurePay Service. It was all a very smooth process. Same goes with the female talent; we got in touch over email, and just went from there.

How would you describe your overall experience with the site?

The talents listed at are always professional. And the amount of responses we get sometimes can be too much! But it is always great to have 30 or 40, sometimes even over 100 talents to choose from. Some of our clients can be rather picky, so it’s great to be able to keep feeding them more talent.

The result of the project was great. The client was happy, and we are moving forward with more radio spots through this summer. I will always come back to for our voice talent needs, and I always tell people where I find out talent. It’s a great way for us to find voice talents at reasonable prices, and being able to set a price is great as well. As for hiring talent again, we have many voice talents on record here that are my “go to people” when I know I need something done quickly and in a professional manner.

About the Client

AdExpress is a quick turn around ad agency. “We make ads, and other stuff”. If you need a radio spot, TV spot, website, web banner ad, magazine ad, newspaper ad, anything that deals with advertising and promotions, we are who you need to talk to.

If you think that you need an AdExpress in your town, check out our site at and find out how to get one near you.

Art Imitates Life: Should You Animate Your Business?

The latest trend in commercial advertising, in companies big or small, is animation. Animated characters make commercials memorable, eye-catching and get people guessing as to whose voices are used in the production.

The use of cartoons in advertising was immensely popular during the 1960s, and you could very well say, what’s old is new again.

While there are only a few options for the types of animation available, the possibilities for what can be created, concepts explored, the message given and the kind of voices that bring the cartoon characters to life are endless.

What type of businesses use cartoon voices?

Businesses that want to draw in the younger demographic, businesses who are re-branding their image, and visionaries looking to push the envelope to create a heightened sense of reality.

Stop and think about commercials you’ve seen that were animated.

How did they make you feel? What do you remember about the animation, the voices and what was being said?

Many animated commercials include characters that reoccur in advertising campaigns that brand a product, like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with Snap, Crackle and Pop. Think also about the popularity of Nasonex’s infamous bee with the latino accent or Smokey the Bear in public service announcements reminding people that “Only you can prevent forest fires”.

These animated ambassadors represent brands and also communicate with their audiences on a different, cozier level than a talking head ever could. Cartoon characters are non-threatening and possess a cultivated genuineness that comes across well without appearing contrived, a bonus for companies that want to establish relationships on a more personal level with their customers on a large scale.

How is this process achieved?

You’ll need to work with a good animator or team of animators. Working with a good copywriter is also advised, taking care to work with someone who specializes in writing for commercials and animation. Lastly, you’ll need to find the perfect voice for your characters and choose well, because those are the voices that will connect on a primal level with your viewers.

Want another great reason to make an animated commercial?

They’re cheaper to make than traditional on-camera ads that employ an entire production crew complete with actors on-camera. Once you get yourself rolling with people who can animate, script and give voice to your characters, the sky is the limit and you’ve got nowhere to go but up!

Budgeting for a Cartoon Voiceover

Learn how to budget properly for a voiceover recording with cartoon voice talent…

It’ll only take half an hour of your time…..

How many times do voiceover talent (VO) hear this from prospective clients who assume a 30 minute finished audio file takes only 30 minutes of work to produce?

Let’s take a closer look at what goes into making a finished, polished 30 minute audio file that will serve the purpose you want it to.

The cartoon voice talent receives the script and converts it if it is not presented double spaced with 12 pt type with at least 1″ margins all around.

Why bother?

Well, first and foremost, it is easier to read. The words and lines are not jammed up one against the other. But equally important, it gives the VO space to mark up the script.

This leads us to the next step in the process. The voice talent reads over the script, usually out loud, to get a feel for it.

As the cartoon voice talent reads the script a couple of times, s/he marks it up and checks the pronunciation of difficult words. What message is the script trying to convey? How best can the voice talent get that message across – where should emphasis be placed – where are the best places for pauses, for breath?

This can take up to 30-45 minutes.

Now the voice talent is ready to go into the booth and start recording. Turning on equipment, opening software and creating a new file just takes a minute or two.

Once in the booth, the voice talent records the script. While the markings made before stepping into the booth are a great aid, it still can take up to twice the length of the finished audio to record it. Longer, it if is complex, not written specifically for oral presentation, or if there is a lot of technical jargon or foreign words.

Let’s do a quick summation of time – so far, at minimum, the VO has spent at least 30 minutes preparing the script and at least 45 minutes recording it.

Hmmm – that 30 minute script has already at least took an hour and 15 minutes of the VO’s time and s/he hasn’t even started editing it yet!

Editing generally takes a minimum of twice (often 3x) the length of finished audio file. So, now we have to add another 60 to 90 minutes to the time already invested in this project.

So that “it’ll only take 30 minutes” project will take at least two hours or more to properly produce.

Here’s a rundown of the time it takes to produce a fully edited, dry voice (no music or effects) audio file 30 minutes in length:

Preparing the script: Up to twice the length of the final audio (30 minutes)

Recording: Up to twice the length of the final audio (45 minutes)

Editing: At least two to three times the length of the final audio (60 minutes)

Total Time: A minimum of four times the length of the final audio (135 minutes)(2′ 15″)

Please, for both your peace of mind and for the VO’s, keep this in mind when you set the budget for your next voice project.

Rule of thumb is it takes at least four times the length of the finished audio to record and produce

Word of Mouth Advertizing is the Best

An Episode XI Studio rep agreed to answer a few questions about her experience at and how she and her company have used the service to find, select and hire talent. Recently she completed a project at and hired Dan Dunlap. Read more on her experience.

How has helped you with your project needs and how did you select the talent?

There are so many talents listed that it’s often difficult to narrow down who you’d like to contact, so we always send out a general listing and listen to the auditions that we receive. We try to be as specific as we can in the job posting details on what we’re looking for so that the voiceover talent will know whether or not they are matched for the job before they respond.

What challenges did you face using the system to find talent?

For this project we wanted that stereotypical deep, male, movie trailer-type voice. The clip was for a 45 second video that would show like a movie preview. We were using the video at an evening cocktail party/networking group event. The event was being held to introduce a new online networking group locally called Synergy Street.

We never have any problems getting plenty of auditions and responses to our postings, and this one was no different. We found the perfect voice, and offered him the job, paid the deposit via SurePay and received our finished files all on the same day. The whole procedure is easy to follow, and speedy!

The Loft Presentation was one of the few videos that we’ve done that actually wasn’t on a very tight deadline. But if it had been, we would have had absolutely no complaints because we got the voiceover file within 45 minutes of ordering it.

How did help you achieve your goals in hiring?

Honestly, we use exclusively for voiceover work for every job. We’ve always had good luck with the talent listed, and every job has been a success.

We got LOTS of audition responses very quickly and most of them were a custom demo for this project so that we would knew exactly how it would turn out and we knew that Dan was the perfect voice for the job. There were absolutely no problems with the transaction; it was perfectly smooth and super speedy as usual.

How would you describe your overall experience with the site?

We LOVED the voiceover we got from Dan, he was perfect for the project and he was our first and only choice. Of course, we will use again, as we always do. If a project fits Dan’s voice in the future, we will absolutely hire him again. Whenever we meet with customers we tell them where we get our voiceover talents.

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