Limo Rental Voice Over

150019803Doing voice over work is really fun, especially if your doing local commercial work. Its great and it doesn’t take as long as if your doing an actual cartoon.

I remember one of my female friends in the industry had to do a voice over for an animated character talking about san angelo tx limo rentals, So i had to play a texas country girl with a twang. She ask me to help her do a little research on the project.

That was so much fun, we watched a few movies based around the state of texas, we found a few videos online of miss texas pageant contestants doing interviews to get the whole accent down. She really dove into the character so she could get right on the first few takes.

Needless to say, they were blown away by her performance, and they make sure to keep her on speed dial the next time they needed a female voice over for one of there commercials!!!