How To Hire a Voice Talent for a Cartoon

1. Browsing the Website

We’ve made it easy for you to locate voice actors who provide voice overs for cartoons, animation and voices for other characters. There are two ways you can go about finding a voice talent, and you can do so directly from our home page.

Alternatively, you can also search by keyword. Just as you would do a keyword search at Google or Yahoo!, you can type in words that describe what you are looking for in a voice by using the website search box, such as “tow truck service arlington” commercial voice over. Try typing in a keyword, language, gender or location to view matching voice talent.

You can find the search bar at the top of every page on this website.

2. Listen to Audio Samples

Start the hiring process by listening to professional voice over talents. Each voice talent has a profile where you can learn about their experience, areas of expertise, special skills and services offered. You can also listen to a sample of their voice by playing their voice-over demo.

When playing the voice-over demos, listen for:

  • Clarity
  • Pacing
  • Production Value
  • Overall Quality

3. Contact a Voice Talent

Once you’ve found a voice talent that you’re interested in working with, contact them by sending them an email and remember to include some specifics so that the voice talent can reply with a quote and turn around time for your project.

Be sure to mention:

  • Script (can you send a sample of the script?)
  • Length (what’s the page count or word count of your script?)
  • Artistic Direction (what style of performance do you want?)
  • Deadline (when do you need the recording done by?)
  • Budget (how much can you invest in this voice over recording?)

4. Send Payment & Download Your Files

What happens next? When a voice talent receives your email, they will reply to you with a final quote for the project. Some voice talent may request a 50% deposit by PayPal while others may use the industry’s escrow service called SurePay.

Once your deposit is made, the voice talent will record your script in their professional recording studio. When the work has been completed the voice talent will send you instructions on how to download your finished audio files.

5. Congratulations, You’re Done!

You’ve successfully hired a professional voice over talent and experienced working with some of the best voice talent in the world.