Cartoon Voice Talent and Product Demos with Live Announcers

Have you ever strolled down an aisle at a trade show and perked up your ears to hear the melodious voice of a real person, pitching a new product or service?

That most likely was the voice of a live announcer or professional actor, hired to speak on behalf of a company and lead a product demo, engaging audiences in an intimate and friendly manner with the goal of bringing in sales for their vendor.

I think a strong cartoon voice talent is an excellent tool to steer the emotions of the viewing audience. People expect a cartoon to be significantly more animated than a real life character. This expectation carries over to the animation of the voice itself. A voice actor is allowed to put more emotion and feeling into a particular line then a live person and as such can put extra emphasis on the humor or drama of a given scene.

Often in movies, the voice talent behind a cartoon character is permitted to explore a wider emotional range because the strong emotions can be blended with the artificial reality of the cartoon better than same scene done with real life actors. Another feature of a good voice talent is that one actor can portray several characters. The versatility of the actors can save money or time in the production of a movie or television episode.

Further, since the actor is portraying more than one character, when emphasis is put into one line said to the second character, the subtleties of the meaning transfers to the response of the second character. For those voice talents who are well known it also is fun for the audience to try and figure out how many characters or which characters a particular talent is portraying. Take, for example, well known programs such as “The Simpsons” or “South Park”.

Many of the voice talents do multiple voices and it is interesting to learn that the characters you picture to be distinct are really being be created by one individual. Another feature of a voice talent is their movements are necessarily ported to the animated character. In some instances the movements of the actors can be put into the characters themselves in order to add an aspect of real human non-verbal communication.

However, in other instances, the actor may deliver the line in any way that helps them emphasis their voice in the right way but the producer or director may animate the physical movements in a substantially different way. This means the actor and move the way that helps him/her best, and the producer or director can move the character in the way they feel best without restraining their actor.

If you want to try something different, that is, contrary to using a pre-recorded voice-over at your booth, consider hiring a voice actor to announce and perform live presentations on the hour or even more frequently than that, depending on the length of the script and product demonstration.

What are the benefits of hiring a live announcer to promote your product at trade shows?

* Your booth will attract visitors immediately, increasing the brainshare that you have access to because of the live announcer.
* Your exhibit will touch people on several levels: a live, interactive performance does more to move your product than any powerpoint could.
* Word of mouth will spread rapidly amongst the attendees, sending people your way to see the demonstrations first hand and your popular currency as a vendor will increase.
* The human voice is one of the most persuasive marketing tools, period.
* Of the five senses, hearing is most prized in marketing circles because of our distinct ability to retain audio messages long after they are originally heard. Jingles, slogans, songs, prose… marketing pitches!

There are many on-camera talent who have excellent voices and make their careers in broadcast television or live speaking engagements as corporate spokespersons. There is an announcer for every script, and a talent for every company.